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Post Debate Sermons at PRBC

Well, I was scheduled to preach this Sunday anyway, and since I had prepared for the two RevelationTV debates, I figured it would be wise to stay with what is fresh upon your mind (and in your preparation).  Besides, I didn’t exactly get to express myself as fully as I would like, of course, in the brief time allotted to us in Spain.  So, here are two sermons, the first on healing, the second on the atonement, from PRBC today.  Our members are very patient with their weird traveling elder, and seemed to enjoy them a great deal.  I hope they can be a blessing to others as well.


What do you get when D.A. Carson, John Frame, Scott Oliphint and Michael Kruger are in agreement? A book that you need to purchase right now. James Anderson’s new book What’s Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions is available for one week only for $5.50. Click here to purchase this book.

Here is a 16pg. PDF of the book. And here are some lectures by Dr. Anderson from this past fall. He spoke on these topics “Can I Trust the Bible Over Evolutionary Science?”, “Can I Trust the Bible Over the Quran?”, and participated in a Q&A.

James White Debates Michael Brown in Spain (Updated)

James White and Michael Brown Debate on Revelation TV

James and Michael traveled to the Revelation TV studios in Malaga Spain for two debates. Both of these debates can be found on our YouTube page in the Christian Controversies playlist.

UPDATE:  I am still traveling back from Spain, having been stranded overnight in Philadelphia.  In any case, I wanted to thank Michael Brown once again for joining with me in discussing these important topics.  I realize people view debates in very different ways, and I cannot control how folks judge these things.  I debate with a particular audience in mind, and those outside that audience may well come to very different conclusions about the discussions.  But I do believe that Michael and I try to hold ourselves to a pretty high standard in our discussions, and for that I thank him once again.

I have not had time (as most of my time since last night’s debate has been spent in airports, airplanes, and I just now got to a hotel to get some sleep before an early AM flight home, Lord willing!) to look at much of the commentary on the encounters, but I did see one comment that I wish to respond to.  Steve Hayes wrote a review of the healing debate, and one thing he said truly bothered me.  He wrote, “Apparently, White hadn’t studied Brown’s position.”  Even though this was arranged in amazingly short order (especially for an international trip), I did the following in preparation: I listened to a nearly 2 hour sermon on healing MB delivered in Brownsville years ago; I read Hyper-Grace and Authentive Fire, his two newest books; and I read the vast majority of Israel’s Divine Healer, including all the material relevant to our debate.  I do not know how someone could have been more diligent, in fact, to know what Michael’s position actually was.  I do not understand Steve Haye’s regular unwillingness to give me the benefit of the doubt, and I often just try to overlook his barbs aimed my direction, but there is one thing I do: I prepare for my debates.  To say otherwise is simply groundless.

Of course I addressed the wider and more popular view prevalent in Charismatic circles, and pointed out how often MB differed with it.  But for crying out loud, we were on a Charismatic television channel and were taking calls and emails from the audience!  How could you not address those very issues?

Personally, I would like to see Steve Hayes in the same situation.  It is pretty easy to snipe from the bleachers. I would imagine he would seek just a bit more fairness in his audience than he seems willing to grant to others.


Another Comment from Jerry Walls

I was sent a follow up comment from Dr. Walls:


My good friend and philosophical ally Luke Van Horn informs me that James White has continued his critique of my lecture “What’s Wrong with Calvinism” on his podcast. While it appears he misses the point of my argument at times, and attempts to diminish its force by casting it as philosophical, I must say I appreciate that he is playing it on the air and at least letting me speak for myself before offering his rebuttal. And honestly, I kinda like the guy, and not just because he is bald. As someone who has been known to get intense about biblical, theological and philosophical issues myself from time to time, I appreciate his passion and desire to honor what he believes scripture teaches. So thanks James, bring it on.

I won’t bother with the comments this time—you all know how I feel about internet comboxes. But I am thankful for the kind words. I will have to reiterate, tomorrow on the Dividing Line, that part of my argument that Dr. Walls’ followers, anyway, seem to be missing, relating to the origins and starting points of our positions. I truly believe we differ on what we place in the first position as most important, and this determines much of what comes thereafter in our arguments. But in any case, after spending a few moments explaining our motivations for doing the Ergun Caner seminar next Tuesday night in Lindale, we will move back into a response to Walls, and then, as we must, spend that last half hour continuing our response to Yusuf Ismail as well.