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Ed Young’s Worst Nightmare!

I think Chris Rosebrough is to blame for this travesty of fashion. I will leave him for Al Mohler to deal with. Till then, I think Ed Young will be having nightmares about this. I know I am!

What Color is the Sky in Your World?

The immortal words of Dr. Frasier Crane which dance through my head often when encountering zealots and promoters of various isms and schisms. Clarity of thought, reason, logic—all things those who follow Him who claimed to be the Truth should strive for and honor—seems lost on a large portion of today’s Western culture.

Rich just posted the comments someone made in reference to last week’s amazing encounter with Will Kinney. If you have forgotten, here is the video of Will Kinney’s complete implosion when faced with facts:

In case you do not want to listen to the whole thing again (it is hard on some folks, I understand, to listen to someone who simply cannot follow a logical chain of reasoning), Mr. Kinney could not grasp the fact that the three Greek texts he was citing were written AFTER Erasmus published his first edition in 1516, and were, in fact, handwritten copies of the printed text in all likelihood, and hence were irrelevant on a textual critical level. I had made the statement that the TR’s reading lacks Greek manuscript support, and, of course, logically, any honest or rational person would understand that the Greek manuscripts to which I would be referring would have to PRE-EXIST the first appearance of the published work. Mr. Kinney cannot grasp this simple concept, and on that basis continues to accuse me of being a liar. Behold the thought process of the King James Onlyist.

So one is left without words to express the following conclusions drawn from the same encounter, written by one “Kenny Cheek” on FaceBook:

Will, I want to echo what Lynn Culver posted. Your posts are always excellent and it’s good to see someone finally hold James White’s feet to the fire. Once he gets control of a conversation or debate it’s usually all over for his opponent (is he a lawyer?) but you don’t let that happen and I enjoy hearing it. He’s been the darling of the pseuo-intellectual crowd for years but I’ve always known that someone with the right ammunition could stop him in his tracks. You do it very well. And thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

Harold Camping: Unrepentant False Prophet Refuses to Stop Dragging Christ’s Name Through the Mud

When someone has been given over for decades to false teaching and arrogant spiritual dictatorship over others, well…we shouldn’t be surprised at what is happening as I type these words. I am listening live to Camping’s rambling press conference. I cannot possibly express my deep disgust at this man’s willingness to continue to drag the Christian faith and the Holy Bible through the mud. He is utterly unrepentant, and now is adding to his condemnation blatant lies. He just told the gathered press that no church today believes that every word of the Bible comes from God. Of course, it is Camping who thinks the words of the Bible are theological play-dough, all there to serve his whims and his next false prophecy. But, will the press differentiate? Will they speak to responsible Christian scholars, believing scholars? No, Camping is truly a plague upon us, not only here in the United States, but all around the world. God have mercy upon us.

“We had all of our dates correct. We had all our proofs correct.” “May 21 was a spiritual coming…He has come, in the sense that He now has the world under judgment.” Well, I pretty well called that one, sadly. I had a feeling we would be stuck with this foolishness until October 21, 2011. What an amazingly foolish thing: “Well, folks, we only have 153 days to go, but, hey, we aren’t going to put up billboards and stuff, we are going to play music and do teaching about how to live as a good Christian.” Brilliant. I can’t wait to see the video of this.

Now Camping is lying about Greek verbs. I cannot possibly imagine what the press is going to do with this.

Well, folks, I don’t know what else to say. The man is an inveterate heretic, unrepentant, and we call all of his followers to repent and abandon this man’s wild delusions.