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Please Play the Theme to “Twilight Zone” While Reading/Note to Mr. Monk

OK, download the .wav file for that really neat Twilight Zone music and play it while reading the ravings of IM. See, after I dared to interact with one of his articles (no, no one there has bothered to actually read what I said and respond to it–the act of actually responding, without agreeing, is so hateful to them, so nasty, that to actually think it might be worthwhile listening is beyond the realm of possibility), IM closed down one of his blogs. Never crossed my mind that responding to a shot at “us Calvinists” would result in that, but hey, I’ve been accused of closing down publishing houses and book retailers, so why not a blog? So I’ve been reading some of the comments, just rolling my eyes at the utter lack of any serious interaction with anything I said, when I run across IM explaining why he won’t re-open his other blog. Aside from various really bad things about me, he says:

So, here it is. Opening IM right now would mean my archives will be scoured by these people totally out of context and with malicious intent to portray me as an unbeliever, excerpts pasted and sent out to the Calvinist blogosphere, etc. Imagine what “I Hate Theology,” “I Have My Doubts” and “When I Am Weak” sound like to people gunning for me as a burning partner for Brian McLaren?


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