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Geordi and Riker Talk to the Pakleds, or Bill Nye Talks to Folks in Kentucky

I wasn’t going to spend nearly the entire program reviewing the Ham/Nye debate, but that’s what I ended up doing.  In the process we figured out the best analogy for Nye’s attitude toward Kentuckians: that of Riker to the Pakleds on Star Trek the Next Generation!  We even played a clip for those who are not familiar with that, uh, story line.  Anyway, an entire hour of discussion of worldviews and the like on today’s DL.

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The MRL (Ministry Resource List) Reborn and Restocked (Updated)!

Over the past five or six years our Amazon wish list, which we call the Ministry Resource List, has been a tremendous blessing and assistance to our work here at A&O.  Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t overly good at letting us know who bought what, and that leads to problems.  So, we’ve moved the MRL to our store.  In essence, what we will do is list the requested materials, and if you want to help, you just donate the cost of the item.  You get full credit, we get the item, and there is full documentation to keep all those three letter government agencies happy.

Now it just so happens that I have thrown a bunch of items on the MRL because, well, new opportunities have just come up and I have a bunch of studying to do and almost no time to do it!  So, if you can help, here’s the new link to the MRL (you can always find this link at the bottom of the main page of the website).

UPDATE:  many thanks to those who responded.  I’ve added a software item against all my better instincts, Microsoft Office 2011.  Why?  Well, I much prefer writing in Mellel (a very nice, clean Israeli word processor for Mac), but you can’t avoid having to have Word in some form these days.  And here’s the problem: in the current book I’m writing I have word length limitations, and Word seems to be the “standard” in that area.  I just finished a chapter, for example.  Maximum words: 4000.  Mellel said my chapter was 3990.  Pages said the same file is 3864.  Word says is it 3803.  I can do a lot with nearly 200 words, but do I HAVE 200 words?  My current edition of Word (2008) crashed 45 times while editing the book on the Qur’an (woohoo!).  Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but maybe, just maybe, the newest edition (2011—irony!) will be less liable to crashing during editing?  In any case, it seems we will be using Word as the final word (ha!) on the number of words, so, there you go.

The Molinist God is a Seahawk’s Fan, and Calls, on Today’s DL

So we reviewed William Lane Craig’s comments about how the prayers of football fans could influence which world God chose to actuate (even trying to figure that one out will put you in something like a causality loop that will turn your brain to mush and make you a Jerry Seinfeld fan) and then played his comments on his most recent podcast where he said, “No, no, I will not debate Calvinism against a fellow Christian.”  So those of you who hoped to hear Craig defend his position in formal debate, hear the cross-examination with equal time frames—you know, all that stuff that is so beneficial and useful (and Craig can’t argue that point, since, of course, he debates as much as I do), well, so sorry.  That debate can only take place in some other possible world that evidently could not be actuated.  Probably due to Bronco’s fans or something.  Then the phones lit up and we took calls on all sorts of topics.  In fact, one caller just kept moving from topic to topic, so we even got a few extras in for the fun of it!

Here is the audio for the show:

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Post Debate Sermons at PRBC

Well, I was scheduled to preach this Sunday anyway, and since I had prepared for the two RevelationTV debates, I figured it would be wise to stay with what is fresh upon your mind (and in your preparation).  Besides, I didn’t exactly get to express myself as fully as I would like, of course, in the brief time allotted to us in Spain.  So, here are two sermons, the first on healing, the second on the atonement, from PRBC today.  Our members are very patient with their weird traveling elder, and seemed to enjoy them a great deal.  I hope they can be a blessing to others as well.