Covenental Apologetics on Sale

Friends, if you are thinking about getting this book, at 60% off, you’ll want to get it now. Click here to purchase. Here is a good interview that Justin Taylor conducted with Dr. Oliphint, on the topic of his book.

James White on Church History – MP3s

As mentioned on yesterday’s Dividing Line, there is a collection of mp3s that provide James White’s lectures on church history. (Here is the Link!) There are about 50 or so lectures there, so enjoy!

Apologetics Resources

A few things I want to mention this morning: Here is a short video of Dr. Scott Oliphint describing his new book, and the use of the term “Covenantal” Apologetics as opposed to “Presuppositional” apologetics. I personally like the term “covenantal apologetics” because of the theological implications. Lord willing, in about month I begin reviewing Dr. Oliphint’s new book. Oh, …

Theology: The Foundation of Philosophy (Updated)

For the Christian, the mind of God (found in His Word) should ground and permeate our philosophy, and any other discipline we may engage in. Herein lies the differences in apologetic methodologies. So… An interview with Dr. Scott Oliphint was released today from Christ the Center, on the topic and titled of his book Reasons for Faith: Philosophy in the …

The Flood, Dinosaurs, YEC, Oh My!

Lately, I have gotten quite interested (again) in creation, the flood, dinosaurs and other matters related to science and the Bible. I have been quite impressed with most of the material I’ve looked at, and not so impressed with others. I’ll admit that I’m a YEC, and what has interested me most in the past couple of weeks, has been …