The South Africa Itinerary

I’ve asked you to pray for the single most demanding, grueling, hectic week of ministry ever. Now, here it is: Arrival: Tuesday October the 1st. Wednesday the 2nd Debate in Lenasia South Africa 19:30 pm. Topic: “Can God Become Man”? Venue: Lenasia Johannesburg at the “Taalimul Mosque in the Islamic Hall” hosted by Bashir Varnia & Brian Marrian. 14:00-15:00am: “What …

Tonight’s Service will be Live Streamed @ 6:30pm CDT

Tonight’s service at First Baptist Church in Lindale, TX will be live streamed. Dr. James White will be speaking. Start time is 6:30pm CDT and I will post the live link here just before the start. Here is the link to watch on YouTube or you can just click the window below.

Watch the Video from Lindale, TX

This was streamed Live from Lindale, TX. Advance to the 14:11 mark where the event actually began. Can’t see the video? Hit refresh, if that doesn’t work try another browser like Chrome or just click directly to YouTube here.

Inside the Mind of a Conspiratorialist

A few months ago I ran into one of the writers for the “Do Right Christians” blog, a “Dr. Ach.” I discovered, very, very quickly, that logical thought and honesty is not a high priority on this particular website, and immediately dropped the non-discussion. I thought the background looked familiar when I was directed to an article today by a …

Ministry Resource List Inquiry

Once again I must say I am so thankful for those of you who keep an eye on the Ministry Resource List and who support my work by getting those items for us. It is tremendously encouraging, it truly is. A few weeks ago I posted this item on the list. Now, I know it may be shipping from overseas …