An Important New Item in the A&O Bookstore

Years ago when I announced, for the first time, my eschatological position on the program (had a lot of fun teasing folks with that one), I mentioned that the key to my coming to my conclusions was a series of lectures by Greg Nichols, then of the Trinity Ministerial Academy. I listened to a series of old cassette tapes (for …

Reformation Day Studies/Sermons

Sunday School Lesson on the Backgrounds of the Reformation Morning Sermon from Galatians 2 on the Gospel of the Reformation A Needed Balance and a Call to Passionate Faith And with that…I’m headed for Lima, Peru. Lord willing I will have Internet access and will try to give a report on the progress of the pastoral training.

So PRBC is Finally on Sermon Audio

After all the “Ack, Real Audio?!” complaints and a long down-time as far as posting sermons and Bible studies from the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, I have gotten us set up on Sermon Audio. Here is a lesson from John 10 from last week, and my fellow elder’s sermon from Romans 1 as well.

Dr. White’s Reasons Not to Join a Reformed Baptist Church

Way back when, Dr. White had an AM radio broadcast in New York City. Thirty minutes once a week, Dr. White aired The Voice of Sovereign Grace. I can’t recall exactly which New York station carried the broadcast, perhaps Chris Arnzen remembers (I think he put the show together). I don’t live in New York, but I do live within …

What a Shame

   I do try to think the best of folks, and I had hoped that after the fallout from David Allen’s false accusations against me at the failed John 3:16 Conference in November of 2008 that some clarity had been brought to the issue. I had hoped that despite his over-reliance upon Tony Byrne and others of his particular persuasion he …