The Dividing Line

Listen to “The Dividing Line” Featuring
Dr. James White.
Most Tuesday Mornings at
11:00am PDT and
Most Thursday Afternoons at 4:00 PDT (pre-feed begins 30 minutes or so before start of program).

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Tuning In To The Dividing Line:

Just click the player above to listen in! The audio feed can be opened in various programs like iTunes (just insert into the “Open Stream” box), Windows Media Player, or other MP3 playing software.

The Podcast

If you cannot listen live, you may subscribe to the podcast using the following iTunes or Yahoo links.

If you use other software for subscribing to podcasts, you’ll need to right click the iTunes link above and click copy link location, and then paste it into your application. The method for this will vary based on your choice of software.


Dr. White welcomes your calls during the “Dividing Line” broadcast at:
(602) 973-4602 (Metro Phoenix)
1-877-753-3341 (Toll Free)


You can access the archives of the Dividing Line by using the Wayback Machine and requesting the specific date, or you can purchase archived episodes in the Alpha & Omega Ministries Store.

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